Slovenian word ‘Zbirka’ stands for ‘Collection.’ Following the meaning of Zbirka, we are offering best collection of Ready-to-Wear, Bridals, Occasion Wear for Indian women.

Zbirka represents the essence of Indian heritage like no other while playing with the techniques used around the globe. From designer apparel to elegant fashion wears, Zbirka is a one-stop designer brand for all your ethnic needs keeping in mind about the Modern era of Women Empowerment.

With rich experience in Luxury Segment and fulfilling the global needs of Fashion Enthusiasts, now Zbirka is coming up to mark its presence in Indian Market to present its collections specially made keeping in mind about the era of modern women.

With the help of innovative use of traditional craftsmanship, Zbirka is totally focused about global Indian Woman with contemporary lifestyle who flaunts her ethnicity as she sets trends and breaks barriers every day.




Zbirka seeks to create designer wear that leaves unforgettable impressions on the world, and yet, is versatile enough to transcend people, places and occasions. A line that effortlessly fuses a variety of styles, silhouettes and designs to offer customers a fashion house which is offering a fusion of global craftsmanship with Indian craftsmanship. And that adapts to every lifestyle. We are a firm believer in preserving the rich heritage of India with the flavour of Europe. Team Zbirka works closely with the traditional artisans in day to day life to create exquisite ensembles and gorgeous handcrafted product line.

Our core values

1. Integrity And Ethics

The principles  of integrity and ethics translate into doing the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible manner. The entire business is laid  upon the foundation of  integrity  and ethics  so that there is amicable relation with it’s employees, stakeholders, and customers. Everyone’s unmatched contribution to organization can create a strong, credible reputation of the company in the market making all the members of the organizations it’s beneficiaries.

2. Respect

An organization is known by its passionate employees. Dedicated workers are the backbone of the entire corporation. Their collective endeavour helps the firm accomplish growth and profitability. Moreover , a firm also has some accountability to its employees ,and that accountability,if kept intact,makes the work culture conducive.

Majority of organizations across the globe adopt a culture of collective team effort like a close knit family to boost the confidence of employees which makes them feel like an important part of the organization. Such acts  inspires the feelings of commitment and encourages to do better.

3. Innovation (Not Imitation)

Companies that focus on being ahead of their competitors and introducing new ideas in the marketplace follow the principle of “innovation, not imitation.” This is crucial if a company wants to be a trend setter and introduce new products for consumer satisfaction. Employees in such companies are encouraged to be dynamic and come up with new ideas that can translate into productive outcome.

4. Drive

The thirst to constantly improve can be achieved if one is never satisfied. Organizations that have this principle as one of their core values try to provide a dynamic platform to their employees, where they can explore their creativity and skills and further enhance themselves. While celebrating successes is an important thing, just sitting back and getting complacent over them is unacceptable for such companies.